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In a world which is subject to constantly changing values and in which people and companies are being confronted more and more frequently with new and ever more complex problems, we see our tasks as being that of transferring know-how and information faster and more flexibly, in order to guarantee personal and corporate successes as well as quality of life, and of further developing our world through an orientation towards projects.


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Project Management via the Internet, by Oliver Klee and Sandra Bartsch-Beuerlein, offers plans and solutions for virtual teams. It is increasingly the case that global companies depend on decentralised corporate structures and organisations. That means that there is a growing tendency for teams to be made up of employees who are based at different locations. This creates challenging requirements for task-oriented communications and cooperative activities.


Today, there are already good information technology solutions for this purpose that make use of the Internet and web-based applications. Often, however, these are not well enough known or they are implemented by organisations in an inefficient manner. The book presented here shows how virtual teams can make good use of Internet technologies, describes the fundamentals of IT in an understandable and easy-to-read manner and presents practical ideas and concrete solutions for organisational plans.


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